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Royal van Kempen & Begeer FAQ


Stainless steel items

  • For the best cooking results, preheat the pan for a few seconds on low to medium heat.
  • For the best cooking results, always use some oil or butter. We recommend using oil or butter, suitable for baking and frying (i.e. oils with a high smoke point). Check the label of your butter or oil to see make sure it’s suitable for cooking. Do not use extra vierge olive oil nor any type of oil sprays, including aerosols, mist, and pump sprays.
  • The oil or butter should never get so hot that it smokes or burns.
  • Always use a setting that is suitable for the ingredients you are preparing.

All stainless-steel products are dishwasher safe. However, we recommend washing them by hand with a soft sponge to maximise the life of the non-stick coating. 

No, the stainless-steel pans must not be used in the microwave.

Yes, the pan is oven safe up to 260°C.

Yes, the glass lid is oven safe up to 220°C.
Never immerse a hot lid in cold water as the lid may crack due to thermal shock. 

The outside of the pan may become discoloured due to overheating and corrosion by salts and minerals. However, this discolouration can be removed easily with a stainless-steel cleaner. This cleaner will not affect the performance of your stainless-steel products. 

The insides of the stainless-steel products have a ceramic non-stick coating, which is sand-based and does not contain any harmful substances such as PFAS.

The pan is intended for the preparation of food, not for storage. 

When cooking on induction, always choose a pan with a base that has the same diameter as the heat source.
If you use a pan that is smaller or larger than the induction hob, the induction cooker may not recognise the pan. 

Yes, pans of this quality can be used on one heat source and then another without any problems. 

Pans made from 3-layer stainless material can make humming sounds during cooking. However, this is not a sign of malfunction and cannot damage your hob or pans. This occasional phenomenon is also called resonance. Unfortunately, this resonance cannot be solved by replacing the pans. 

If you cook for a long time, the handles will become hot. This is because the pans are made of perfectly conductive material, which means the transfer of heat to the handles is unavoidable.
Always use oven gloves or mitts.
Be extra careful when taking the pans out of a hot oven or cooking on a gas stove. 

The glass lid is made from a combination of stainless steel and glass, which can be used at varying temperatures. The lid's upright stainless-steel rim ensures a seamless connection to the pan. As heat fluctuations can cause materials to expand, some space is required between the stainless steel and the glass.

It is best to remove any water or food residues from this area with a fine dry cloth, once you have rinsed the lid with hot water and cleaned it with a soft cloth. Soak the lid in hot water to loosen any stuck-on food residues, and remove them with a sponge or brush.

If any water remains under the rim after this, shake the lid and leave it lying flat at room temperature. Over time, the water will evaporate. 

No, this can cause irreversible damage to the pan and the hob. 

No, sharp metal objects such as knives and forks can scratch and irreversibly damage the non-stick coating. We recommend using the Royal Van Kempen and Begeer utensils for cooking with these pans. 

Corrosion on your pans may be due to surface rust in the dishwasher.
These types of stains on the surface of pans may be caused by corrosion of small parts in the dishwasher or other stainless-steel products (such as knives, peelers, cutlery).

Prolonged exposure to salt, moisture, and acidic foods can also cause pan corrosion.
Corrosion stains can be removed easily with a soft sponge and mild detergent or a stainless-steel cleaning product. The stains do not affect the safety or performance of the pans.
Note: if you do not remove the stains, the damage may become permanent.

We offer a 1-year warranty for manufacturing and material defects and on the ceramic non-stick coating. Always retain the receipt, which will clearly state the purchase date and the product that you purchased.