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Royal van Kempen & Begeer cookware


An icon since 1789

Van Kempen & Begeer is more than just a brand; it is truly iconic. Its history began in 1789 and, over the years, Van Kempen & Begeer has grown to become one of the most innovative producers of sterling silver in the Netherlands and beyond. Van Kempen & Begeer is known for its unique techniques and exceptional craftsmanship. The company understands better than anyone else that the details are what make the difference and its unique designs demonstrate a very innovative approach.

In 1858, Van Kempen & Begeer received the designation ‘Koninklijke’ ('Royal' in Dutch) and added the Dutch crown to its logo. The company's cultural significance was unprecedented at the time. Today, the crown is not only a quality mark but also a symbol of stylish cooking and dining, in the cutlery category and beyond.

'Koninklijke' van Kempen & Begeer: Craftsmanship with a rich history

Van Kempen & Begeer's rich history began in 1789 with a small gold and silver workshop in Utrecht. The original silverware stood out from typical designs of the day since it reflected the ‘pure’ style that was popular at the time.

As a result, the company was given the opportunity to take part in the first World Exhibition in 1851, allowing the silver forge to make a name for itself around the world. In 1858, the company was proud to receive the designation 'Koninklijke' (Royal) following completion of its magnificent silver factory near Noordeinde Palace. It had become the largest gold and silverware factory, which was a significant accomplishment in the Netherlands. Due to its strategically chosen location near the court, it is no surprise that, thirty years later under King William III, the company became a purveyor to the royal household and was allowed to carry a “Royal Coat of Arms” in its logo.

Royal van Kempen & Begeer:  Creating unique cooking and dining moments, every day! 

Royal van Kempen & Begeer originated from the iconic ‘Koninklijke Van Kempen & Begeer’. Royal van Kempen & Begeer is expanding and introducing a wide range of new, high-quality products that complement stylish cooking and dining.

It is therefore bringing Koninklijke van Kempen & Begeer, known for being innovative for many generations, into the modern day. We combine quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail in elegant collections. We have embraced the values of our rich past in our most recent products, so that people today can still experience many cooking and dining moments in a contemporary fashion.
The quality of today's products for everyday use is a reflection of our many years of experience working with first-class materials. This makes every cooking and dining moment with Royal van Kempen & Begeer products unique!

The story of an icon continues with Royal van Kempen & Begeer.