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Royal van Kempen & Begeer cookware cutlery ovenware


Royal van Kempen & Begeer ovenware


Discover the wonderful collection of Royal van Kempen & Begeer ovenware: stylish oven dishes, stackable baking tins with a healthy PFAS-free non-stick coating and beautiful cast iron casseroles. A compact hand-held mixer, spatula and oven mitts complete the range. The result: a feast for your kitchen and table!

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Royal van Kempen & Begeer cookware


The cookware guarantees an exceptional cooking experience. The three-layer material ensures rapid heating and even heat distribution. The PFAS-free non-stick coating makes cooking exceptionally easy and stops ingredients sticking to the pans. To top it all off, they have a stylish design that looks great both on the hob and on the table.

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The beautiful pieces from the cutlery collection have an elegant & stylish design. The range includes items for every occasion, from breakfast to dinner, from coffee to dessert, from long drinks to salad cutlery. The collection consists of a silver-coloured and a champagne-coloured range, and both can be combined with the matching accessories

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